Evergreen Ice Melt

Mountain Foothills Rotary Club sponsors the annual Evergreen Ice Melt Contest, a fundraiser to benefit INSPIRE (the Evergreen Park & Recreation District special needs program), Evergreen Christian Outreach, Crutches4Africa and other nonprofits supported by the Club's Foundation. The contest challenges ticket purchasers to guess the exact date and time the Rotary barrel will fall through the ice on Evergreen Lake.

First prize is $1,000, second place is $500, third place wins $250 and the fourth luckiest guess receives $125.

Event Details

Event Start: Dec 6th 5:00pm

Event End: Mar 17th 11:59pm

Registration Opens: Dec 6th 5:00pm

Registration Closes: Mar 17th 11:59pm (or event fills)

Events Queries / Organizer Info

Name: Cindy Lempke

Email Address: icemelt@regquick.us

Call - +1 (303) 921-8578

Registration closes Mar 17th 11:59pm


Select Tickets.


Make a guess anytime for the months of March and April, 2020. Your guess must be made by March 17, 2020 (end of day).


Here is what to expect:

  • Purchase ticket(s).
  • Enter a date/time for each ticket.
  • Enter a tie-breaker answer for each ticket.


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